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Unified Communication Center

UCC customers can use any telephone and via speech commands gain access to calling and conferencing capabilities; voice, fax and email messages; enterprise directories and databases for contacts; and productivity tools such as calendars, contacts and tasks lists*.

They can set personal contact rules to make more efficient use of their time - all via speech commands from any telephone.

Unified Communication Center - s3400UCC helps users respond to customers faster and with higher quality, stay connected to enterprise associates, make better, faster decisions, and build a competitive advantage through superior customer service and increased productivity. Avaya Unified Communication Center (UCC) provides mobile, collaborative and management associates with a unified interface to their most important information and communications tools and enables them to turn downtime into productive time.

*Microsoft Exchange only


  • Helps to enhance revenue generation activities, improve customer service, and enable enterprise associates to be more productive.
  • Provides easy access to important information and communications tools.
  • Facilitates better, faster, informed decision-making.


Personal Efficiency Management Management of personal contacts, calendar and tasks including Reach Me capabilities with ability to screen incoming calls, and set reminders while mobile. Speech Access Boosts Mobile Worker Productivity.

Calling and Conference Management Facilitates placing voice calls from any phone (via the corporate voice network) by speaking digits, using contacts from Exchange, from the UCC web contacts (Lotus Notes or Exchange), or corporate LDAP directory. Returning calls is easy with the ability toCall the Sender of a call answer voice mail if the ANI is supplied or if they are part of corporate LDAP directory or personal contacts. It can even Call the Sender of an email if they are part of the corporate LDAP directory or personal contacts. It can even enable the creation of ad hoc conference calls while maintaining access to voice mail, email, calendar and tasks. Speech interface allows users to manage calls and create conferences for fast and hands-free dialing and addressing.

Message Management

  • Speech access to voice messages from Avaya Messaging systems, and email messages from Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino
  • Ability to address messages using the voice mail directory, Microsoft Exchange contacts, contacts stored within the UCC Speech Access web application, or your corporate LDAP directory
  • Play voice mails, send, forward, reply, and delete messages
  • Read emails (via text to speech), reply, reply all, send, forward, delete, and save to a predefined folder
  • Message navigation by message status (urgent, unread, read), media, and sender
  • Convenient anywhere anytime access to voice and email messages improves responsiveness to customers and colleagues.

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