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Our Support Services Are More Than Turn-Key

Tel-IS support services for our solutions are considered among the most comprehensive in the industry. Implemented in a "turn-key" fashion, Tel-IS includes ongoing system management of each solution as an added service. This means that as the technology gains acceptance by employees and callers to our client company, it is managed and maintained at the highest optimum level-by Tel-IS Technical Support Staff Members. Application fine-tuning and development of new applications frequently occur during the first year of operation of a technological enhancement. Tel-IS is dedicated to serve its clientele through this transition phase working closely with our customer's internal Information Services staff for optimal solution execution. Client companies often find this an ideal alternative to over-burdening their already busy Information Services department employees with yet another solution to maintain.

Continuing Outsourced Support

Many of our clients opt for continuation of this high level of support from Tel-IS beyond the initial implementation phase. These client companies enjoy the expert, responsive management of their solutions, and the recommended new applications that our specialists suggest that can best support their business needs.

Multi-Site Networking

Because many of our solutions are implemented at multiple sites, networking support services provided by our Technical Support Staff assure reliable intra-communication between locations. Smooth service delivery is paramount and our Technical Support Staff are responsive to your business communications needs.

A Variety of Support Programs

Post warranty of our implemented solutions, a variety of support programs designed to match a client company's unique needs brings affordable, effective service delivered by Tel-IS Technical Support Staff around the clock, regularly scheduled, or on an as-needed basis.

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