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Tel-IS prides itself on taking an in-depth look at all aspects of our client's needs and developing custom messaging and communications solutions that significantly, and positively, impact their operations and business processes.

We have a long history of providing effective communication and message solutions tailored to a wide variety of industries such as transportation, legal services, healthcare, manufacturing, and education. Our staff is highly trained and focused to provide the most comprehensive and cost effective solutions possible.

Effective Implementation

Tel-IS Solutions We are committed to the mutual success of all projects. Effective implementation plays a key role in the success or failure of any of our solutions. The manner in which employees and their callers and customers communicate, through various media, has a dramatic impact on a company's ability to perform. We understand that even the best technology, when improperly implemented, can have detrimental effects.

We have dedicated ourselves to Effective Implementation, that is, assessing the strategic impact of the solution we install and insuring its satisfaction and success. Issues involved with the science of implementing effectively include:

  • Configuring and implementing solutions to be consistent with your communications strategies and goals.
  • Creating an impression in the mind of the outside caller to your organization that their call is vitally important.
  • Making certain that the solution users are well trained, not only in how to operate the solution, but also in understanding how it helps them work more effectively.
  • Preservation of the investment for the strategic business purpose intended.
  • Implementation Activities
  • Discovery Sessions
  • Systems Configuration/Programming
  • Caller Notification
  • Requirement Specification: PBX, LAN
  • Telephone Line Recommendations
  • Site Requirements Identification
  • Training Program Design
  • Hardware Installation/Systems Integration/Testing
  • Cutover Activities
  • Training
  • Reports Monitoring
  • Project Success Evaluation

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